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Mean Town Blues

Mean Town Blues - composed by Johnny Winter (I think).
Can be heard on Egypt CD Midnight Sun or often at one of our gigs.
In the key of A

Tuning = Open A

Thick to Thin - E A E A C# E - using Slide. (main riffs shown below are fretted)

As usual the tabs are a guideline only. Riffs are improvised on & will vary, rarely being played exactly the same twice. The (bend) on the second riff is a micro-tone bend. just bend very slightly without actually reaching the next note.

There are usually 2 or 3 added extra singing bits in the middle (not on the CD but usually played live)
One is based on something I heard of an old "hit", My Baby Ooh, by someone called One String Sam (if I remember right) who played a diddley-bow, which is a primitive one string guitar reminiscent of a traditional West African instrument whose name escapes me at the moment (feel free to email).
Another is our (rather fast) take on a Canned Heat number Woodstock Boogie.
Also sometimes included is a couple of verses of Robert Johnson's Terraplane Blues.

If you want any more info about this track, please contact Eric