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These pages will be based entirely on your input so if you have any questions about the tracks we play, regarding riffs, tunings, techniques or anything else you can think of, please contact Eric & I'll do my best to remember what my fingers did, or if you come to one of our gigs please feel free to ask & I'll try to help if I can. (all whiskey donations gratefully accepted)

As with everything else we do, the numbers explained here are our own interpretations & are often quite changed or in different keys, etc. If you are looking for info on the original versions you are possibly in the wrong place, but there's no harm in asking anyway.

click here for some basic info on tab diagrams

Bluesbelly - Blues Kerosene CD
Stop Breaking Down
Mean Town Blues - Midnight Sun CD
Worried Life Blues - Midnight Sun CD
Just Want a Little Bit - Midnight Sun CD
Down on the Farm - Midnight Sun CD

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