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Here's a brief explanation of the Tablature-type diagrams. My knowledge of tablature is quite basic. You really need to know how the music goes from having already heard it & being familiar with it, then the diagrams should make sense.

There are 6 lines representing the 6 strings on the guitar.

The lowest line on the diagram is the thickest string. (this may seem a bit odd to some people)

The numbers represent the frets that are being used on each string

As an example, here is a regular E chord

0 = open (or unfretted) string
1 = 1st fret
2 = 2nd fret etc....
X = deadened string. This is done by very slightly angling a finger or thumb to lightly touch the string & so prevent it from sounding.
(3) 4 = hammer-on, pull-off, bend or slide. play fret in bracket & quickly move to the next fret number.

More explanations coming soon, if I can think of any. Apologies to anyone who actually reads tablature.

Any questions please message Eric