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Worried Life Blues

Worried Life Blues - Based (loosely) on a John Lee Hooker version of a number that's been claimed & covered by several people over the years.
We credited it to JLH on the CD but I don't know for sure who actually wrote it. (Frankie from has suggested it might have been Big Maceo Merriweather who recorded it with Tampa Red around 1940/41 - thanks for that Frankie.)

We recorded it using 6 string (Les Paul) though lately I've taken to playing it live on electric 12 string (Danelectro).

Can be heard on Egypt CD Midnight Sun or often at one of our gigs.

In the key of C#

Tuning = Open A - capo on 4th fret

Thick to Thin - E A E A C# E - using Slide.

Most of the song is based around two chords:

C# - open

F# - see diagram (this is actually an F#9th for any clever clogs out there)

Also C#7th - used to create tension on the C# chord.
This inversion of the 7th chord has no 3rd which gives it a distinctive sound which is often used in Delta Blues stuff by the likes of JLH etc.
If I remember right, according to Tony McPhee who was in his backing band in the 60s, JLH would play in standard but half a step down (all the black keys on piano), and in open A. So I'm guessing this was played in A. Feel free to correct me as I haven't checked properly (yet).

The bottom (thick) string is rarely used in the song.

for this tab diagram I am using the capo on 4th fret as fret 0

If you want any more info about this track, please contact Eric