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Sorry but there is no online shop facility at the moment, please contact Alan - 01692 652326 -

Albums 'Blues Kerosene' & 'Midnight Sun' re-released by Stable Records via Amuse Records,
available to download on multiple outlets (Spotify, Deezer, Napster etc.)
CD versions of these albums are still available from us (see below) & contain some tracks not included on download versions

PRICES SHOWN ARE APPROXIMATE please contact us for more details & to check for availability

Live at Jena CD (2013)
10.00 + p & p

Blues Kerosene CD (2010)
10.00 + p & p

Midnight Sun CD (2004)
10.00 + p & p

Preserving the Dead CD (1994)
10.00 + p & p

Egypt T-Shirt (black)
10.00 + p & p
(variations on theme shown below including black & white versions)

Egypt T-Shirt
other designs/white etc
10.00 + p & p
T-Shirts: (male or female fit)
Sizes: S ~ M ~ L ~ XL ~ XXL ~ XXXL

Available now on CD & Vinyl from or at gigs.

Originally released by HTD Records in 1988 & produced by Paul Samson.
Eric & Alan in Egypt's earliest (& hairiest) 4 piece line-up produced the first Egypt album in a very different style to the later blues based stuff.
We don't play any of the tracks live nowadays.
Strictly for 'connoi-sewers' or the terminally curious.

Line-up; Eric Chipulina - guitars, Alan Fish - bass, Ryka - vocals, & Peter Chichon - drums

It's not all good but there's some really great stuff in there as well in a mix of Metal styles if you like that sort of thing.